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Beginning Science Experiments for the Homeschooler

There are a large number of beginning science experiments for the homeschooler. Here, are some beginning science experiments for the homeschooler in the kindergarten to first grade bracket.

young elementary homeschooler looking through a microscopeThere are a large number of beginning science experiments for the homeschooler. Parents should ensure that these types of projects are worked into the curriculum of the homeschool classroom because of the fact that these experiments enhance and develop the critical thinking skills, experimental curiosity skills, and basic research skills of the students in the home.

It is important to integrate these experiments as early as kindergarten. Science plays a large role in our day to day lives, and it is absolutely essential to provide both young and older students with the ability to work with it and excel in the subject. Here, I will provide some beginning science experiments for the homeschooler in the kindergarten to first grade bracket.

Rock Candy

Creating rock candy is a big hit among homeschoolers that are in kindergarten and the first grade level. You will need to gather a few supplies in order to do this project. The following will detail the essentials needed for one student. If you have multiple students, it is essential to ensure that increase the materials as appropriate:

1. You should collect a cup of water.

2. Next, it is important to collect about two cups of sugar.

3. Look through the kitchen cabinets and locate a clear glass, or even a jar.

4. Locate an unsharpened pencil to use.

5. Find a piece of string. This should be a good size. I would say about a foot will work.

6. Next, locate an extra paperclip in the home.


1. Take the paperclip that you have gathered and tie it to one end of the string that you have for the project. Next, you should take the other end of the string and tie it on to the pencil.

2. Next, take the water that you gathered and boil it thoroughly. Once the water gets warm enough to boil, add the sugar that you set aside earlier. Be certain to stir it until there is no longer a visible appearance of the sugar.

3. Now, once the water is all done, it is time to take either the clear glass or the clear jar and pour it into this container.

4. Now, take the pencil and place it on top of the container so that the paperclip is towards the bottom of the jar.

5. Now, you will want to provide your student with something that they can use to make notes or draw the changes that occur in the container over a three day period.

Once the experiment is complete, it is important to inform your homeschooler that they have learned that sugar never fully dissolves. Once the water becomes cold, the sugar will start to stick on the paperclip and the string. Eventually, the sugar will turn to crystals because of the changes that occur. Children will love this experiment because of the fact that they can see the change, and eventually eat it too!

Create a Pet Tornado

Many homeschoolers in the kindergarten and first grade bracket will enjoy the science experiment that allows them to create their very own pet tornado.


1. You will need at least two twenty ounce soda bottles that are completely empty and clean.

2. You will want to purchase a washer that is about one inch in diameter.

3. Next, gather up some strong duct tape to assist in the project.


1. The first thing that you will want to do is fill one bottle with some regular tap water. This bottle should be a little over half full. Be sure to leave the second bottle empty.

2. Now, you will want to take that little washer and put it where the cap goes on the bottle that has the water in it.

3. Once the washer is secure on the first bottle, it is important to take the other bottle and attach it.

4. Now, simply take the duct tape that you purchased for the project and wrap some around the washer.

5. Next, simply have your homeschooler flip the bottle and move it in a circular motion. As this is done, the tornado will form.


Remember that parental supervision is required with the above experiments. As you can see, there are a number of beginning science experiments for the homeschooler. Creating rock candy and creating a pet tornado are easy experiments for the students that are in kindergarten and first grade. They are fun, entertaining, and easy to do.

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