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Teaching Kids to Program

Benefits of Kids Learning to Program

In order for a child to be successful, they must have a degree of understanding about how computers work. Every job they have will utilize computer technology and you won’t want them to be left behind. This means we need to take the time to help them understand everything from coding basics, to simple operation of the computer system.

Think of computer code being similar to teaching your child a new language. There are things like HTML, HML, Javascript, PHP, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic and other languages they can learn. Each of them have their own purpose and help a programmer to do different things on their computer.

Here’s a simple C# code your child can do.

For MM/DD/YYYY have your child input their date of birth. The code will automatically tell them how old they are. Yes, it is an incredibly simple formula, but it can show them just how easy it is to ultimately do something on their own with programming. There are dozens of simple games they can create to give them a deeper understanding of the language and that can ultimately help them continue to expand the knowledge of how programming works.


Int32 Age = DateTime.Today.Year – Convert.ToDatetime(“MM/DD/YYYY”).Year;

What you need to remember is that coding is more than websites and games. It is the foundation for how businesses and even the government are run. Today, ever organization had a computer program in place that helps them to operate things. Police use a coded system to help guide them to emergency situations, firefighters are able to locate fire hydrants at the push of the button, airline pilots can check to make sure they remain on course. Everything is simplified and designed to ensure that we function more effectively in the modern world. Because of that, kids will want to have a solid understanding of programming.

Beyond the obvious benefits, there are also some deeper core benefits that are here when looking at programming. The first is that your child will have the ability to solve more complex problems. Programming helps kids to develop deeper problem solving skills, as they need to understand what the language does and how a simple mistake can prevent things from fully functioning. This analytical side of things will assist them as they begin to look at problems they face in real life. In fact, the earlier they are introduced to programming, the more likely you can help them to expand on their logical thought process. This will help them to solve problems and spot everyday mistakes so they are handling things in a more effective manner.

Programming can also help to give kids a sense of accomplishment. The process is time consuming, but there is something to show for their efforts when they are done. They can create a game, or have something that can handle a simple task. When it is done, your child will take pride in the work that they do and they will ultimately give them the drive they have in other areas of their life to be successful.

As you introduce your child to coding, keep in mind that you want them to learn for than one language. While the C languages and HTML will likely be the most common ones they handle, you expand their opportunities in the future by introducing them to the other languages. If you know their area of interest, you can also begin to show them other options out there. For example, if they are into video games a background with C# and the free Unity program will allow them to create some breathtaking games without a lot of effort.

It can also be a good idea for you to encourage them to join clubs and to socialize with others who are into programming. This is a great way for them to begin networking early on and to begin building friendships with those who have a similar mindset that they do. Before you know it, they’ll have a solid group of friends who they can work together with. You never know, you could be motivating the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs to create a revolutionary product that will help to take the world into a whole new era.

You’ll also find that there is another benefit that is associated with programming when taught to kids. That’s the improvement in their grades. Children will find that it becomes easier to study and process information thanks to the thought process that is introduced through coding. Your child should experience a boost in math and science scores because a lot of the same theory carries over into coding. You might even find that your child becomes more passionate about going to school and this can open up even more doors into their future.

This brings up one final benefit to consider for your kids. That is how this knowledge will look on their resume. When future employers look through their skillset, they will take note that your child has a solid understanding of several programming languages. This will open more doors for them and that could mean they end up with a job that they do love.

Here are some exceptional websites that you can use to help your child get motivated to learn! Keep in mind that these websites are geared more towards younger children with the examples they provide. However, adults and older children can also use this information as a foundation for their learning. After all, we all need to learn the basics, before we are able to go into the more advanced areas of education.




Don’t limit yourself to only these options either. You’ll find that there are dozens of other solutions online. From simple step by step tutorials for your child to make games on their own, to more advanced options that help them to create different colored text and other solutions. The internet is a powerful tool that will ultimately help them to achieve a deeper level of success.

Take a moment to begin exploring the different videos and online opportunities that are available to your child. You’ll want to take the time to consider how advanced the items are and where your child is. As they progress and gain a deeper understanding of things you can pick up books from the library and even give them access to your computer so they can begin to take what they have learned and bring it to life. The support and encouragement you give them now will give them the confidence to do great things later on, so make sure you do remain positive as they learn about programming.

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