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Homework Tips for Parents – Top 10 Ideas

Top 10 Homework Tips for Parents

There are many purposes and benefits to homework and many things a parent can do in order to provide an optimal and stress free environment. Here you will find 10 great ideas to help your child with their homework.  Students are provided with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the skills that they have learned in class, it builds personal responsibility and time management skills, it aids in establishing communication between you and your child on the importance of the skills that they learn in class, it provides you with the ability to apply those skills in real-life situations and applications, and aids in your child’s academic success. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn 10 highly-valuable homework tips that will aid in your child’s academic success.

1. Create a Homework Environment

The first step to helping your child maximize their potential when it comes to completing homework and mastering academic skills is to make certain that you provide them with a suitable environment in which to complete those tasks as required by their school. The environment that a child works to do their homework should be quiet, free from distractions, and well-lit. By providing an area where your child will be able to focus, you are equipping them for success.

2. Create a Homework Schedule

The next step to ensuring that your child reaps all the possible benefits from homework is to make certain that you create a homework schedule. It is best to do homework as early as possible, once everyone has the availability to dedicate time to it. Many parents prefer for their child to handle homework as soon as they get in from school. Then, there are others that are a little more flexible and may have their child complete their homework by a certain time. You know your child best. When creating this schedule, you must do that which you feel is best for your child.

3. Ensure That Homework is Completed in Manageable Chunks of Time

Many parents believe that it is best to have a child to sit down and work on the homework until it is finished; however, many studies have concluded that this is not the best approach. In fact, it is much better for a child to do homework in manageable chunks of time, such as 15 to 30 minute intervals with a break in between.

4. Create a Call List

The next of the many homework tips out there is to create a call list. This list should include parents and kids that share classes with your child. If you or your child requires clarification or assistance, these are the people that you may call for help.

5. Use the Call List to Create a Homework Group

When it comes to homework tips, one of the best popular is to use the call list that you have previously created to make a homework group. Not only does this open socialization opportunities for you and your child, but, it has been established that many kids learn better when they study with others. Plus, it is a lot more fun than doing homework alone!

6. Monitor and Motivate

The next step to ensuring that your child benefits from completing their homework is to monitor them and to always motivate them. You should talk to your kid about the assignments, tests, and other topics that are related to their academic career. You should provide a high level of encouragement. When your child is working on homework, make certain that you are available in case they need help. Once they state that they have finished their homework, you should check it to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the skills presented in the assignment.

7. Make Certain Your Child Has All Necessary Supplies

One of the absolute best homework tips for kids is to make sure that they have all the supplies that they will need to complete their assignments. Examples of these materials include pencils, pens, paper, colored pencils, glue, glue sticks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and access to the internet.

8. Get to Know the Teacher

Getting to know your child’s teacher is not only important to their in-school success, but, it is also important to their out-of-school success. By opening the lines of communication up with your child’s teacher, you will stay informed, know their expectations, and learn where your child has a weakness, and where they excel. This is a very important step to their success.

9. Do Not Provide Answers, Only Guidance

If you want to help your child with their homework, that is acceptable; however, you should never provide them with answers. You should only provide guidance. If you give answers or tell your child how to do the work, they will never learn the skills.

10. Praise

The 10th and final of the homework tips that we want to share with you is making sure you praise your child for a job well done. You should praise them when they start to understand a concept, when they complete tasks, and completely master a skill. This will ensure that your kid stays motivated both in school and out of school.


Homework is a necessary component to your child’s academic success. Unfortunately, as parents, we do not always know what to do when it comes to helping our kids with their homework, or, even just getting them to actually do the homework. That is the purpose and intent of this guide – to provide you with 10 homework tips that will make this part of your child’s academic career easier and more manageable. By using the techniques that we have outlined here, you are sure to find that your child is able to fulfill their homework obligations with greater ease. Additionally, you may even find that they approach homework tasks with a higher level of enthusiasm and that it is a great time for parent/child bonding! Homework is not meant to be difficult. It is meant to increase a child’s understand of the skills that are appropriate for their grade level. Just follow these easy homework tips and you will find that your child receives better grades and has higher self-esteem!

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