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World Teacher’s Day – Making a Difference in the Life of the Professional That Makes a Difference in the Life of Your Child

 World Teacher’s Day is a special annual commemoration held on the 5th day of October that displays support for the teachers throughout the world and it is a reminder that all teachers should continue to place their focus on aiding all of the needs of the generations of the future. UNESCO, which stands for “United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization”, developed this holiday as a means of enhancing the appreciation, awareness, and understanding for all of the contributions made by teachers to the development and education of their students and the communities in which they serve. This year, on World Teacher’s Day, it is important that we all come together to make a difference in the life of a teaching professional that makes a difference in our children’s lives. Here are some wonderful tips and ideas on how to do just that and make a difference in your children’s teachers lives.

Teachers and the Challenges That They Face

In order to truly express our appreciation for teachers, we must first have a clear understanding of the challenges that they face. While teaching is considered to be a rich and highly rewarding career, it is also a career that comes with many difficulties. Examples of these challenges include over-populated classrooms, low rates of pay, small budgets, dealing with difficult parents, and long hours. Successful teaching is nothing less than a mixture of spirit, motivation, and tales of dedication and inspiration. Apart from the family unit, a teacher is the one person that spends the most time with our children. These individuals have a lot of influence on our children. They do more than teach skills and concepts; they care about our children and attempt to cultivate them into the most successful person that they have the potential to become. As parents, we should know that the teachers that educate our children do more than punch a clock; they dedicate their lives to our kids.

Reach Back Into Your Past

Now that you are an adult and have children of your own, it is quite likely that you reflect fondly on, at least, a few teachers that you had over the course of your lifetime. Perhaps you had an exciting teacher in preschool, or maybe you had an elementary school teacher that really helped you get a grasp on those difficult math concepts. Maybe you had a middle school teacher that helped you discover an activity that boosted your self-confidence, or, had a passionate high school teacher that taught you that you have an endless amount of potential and are capable of experiencing greatness. Whatever the case, the special teachers that you had should be thanked this World Teacher’s Day. Write a letter by mail, send an email, send a Facebook message, or, visit the teacher face-to-face. Tell them how they positively impacted your life and express your appreciation for them. By doing this, it will be one of the best days of that teacher’s life. They will KNOW that they are making a difference in the life of their students. That, of course, is the ultimate goal of all teachers – to make a difference.

Put it on Video

One of the joys of teaching – especially for elementary school teachers – is watching their student grow throughout the years and become an adult. Teachers often look back in yearbooks and reflect on the little ones that they taught. If your child has a particularly special teacher in their life, you should create a video for that teacher! The video could include both your child and you, or, just your child. This is similar to writing a note, only, it is in video format so that the teacher is able to see the child, hear the child, see their emotions, and have a lifelong memory of the child just as they were when they taught them. You should encourage your child to comment on several aspects regarding the teacher. You may have them write it or help them write it and then, they may read it while being recorded, or, you conduct an interview where you sit behind the camera and ask questions about the teacher that the child answers. Not only will the child be looking at the camera for this, but, often, you are able to catch candid and random words, phrases, and ways of saying things that will be memorable to the teacher. A video is a wonderful way to show that special teacher how much you appreciate them on World Teacher’s Day.

Invite the Teacher to the Home

In the 1800s, it was not at all uncommon for a family to invite their child’s teacher to the home for dinner. Not only was this considered to be an acceptable measure of displaying appreciation, but, it allowed the family to connect with the teacher on a more personal level. This type of thing is often seen on older television shows, such as “Little House on the Prairie”. This World Teacher’s Day, if you would like to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them, simply invite them to your home for coffee, for tea, for dinner, or, for a dessert. In today’s world, this is no longer a common practice; however, it is one that most teachers wish to experience. By inviting a teacher into your home, you may tell them just how much you appreciate them. Plus, it is an honor. It shows the teaching professional that you trust them and want to form a relationship with them.


There are many unique ways to celebrate World Teacher’s Day this October 5th. First, you should reach back into your past and choose those teachers that had a positive impact on your life, in one way or another. Second, you and your child could create a video where the child states how special their teacher is and how much they appreciate them. Finally, you could invite the teacher into your home for a beverage, a meal, and/or a dessert. Teaching is often unnoticed. Not too many teachers feel that they receive the appreciation that they deserve. By recognizing teachers this World Teacher’s Day, you are sure to make an educator’s day! For more wonderful articles, guides, and other types of media on parenting, bookmark us at: http://www.more4kids.info/


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