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Teachers Appreciation Week – How to Thank your Childs Teacher

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World Teachers Day is on October 5th, and this is a world wide event to help show teachers how much they are appreciated. Here are some ideas to tell your child's teacher 'thank-you'.

When was the last time you let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate all they do? If it’s been awhile, you have a great opportunity this week, it is Teacher’s Appreciation Week where you and your child can help show teachers how much they are appreciated. Often teachers do not get the respect and recognition that they deserve. After all, it’s the teachers who work in tough conditions, often for low pay, and they help shape the lives of our children. In essence, teachers across the world today are playing a significant part in building our future.

For Teachers Appreciation week this year, why not take the time to show your child’s teachers how appreciated they are. Get your kids involved too. Teach them to show some appreciation too. Need a few ideas? Here are some great ways that you can recognize and thank teachers for all the valuable work that they do.

Send a Handwritten Note

One great idea you can use, to make your child’s teacher feel special and appreciated this year, on World Teachers’ Day, is to send a handwritten note. Sure, you could spend money on many other gift ideas, but many teachers report that a simple note to say “thank you” is one of those things that means the most to them. Write a note and let the teachers know about all the things you really appreciate about them. Send it to school with your child or hand deliver it yourself. It will be something that the teacher treasures and taking the time to write this by hand will definitely let them know that you are really sincere and appreciative.

Give Handmade Thoughtful Gifts

Another great idea is to give handmade thoughtful gifts to the teacher. Consider sitting down with your child and making some crafts together. Perhaps you can make a special card for the teacher. Another idea is to make some baked goods together that the teacher can enjoy. A handmade gift shows how much thought you really put into it and the teacher is sure to be thrilled and touched that you and your child took the time.

Provide a Meal

Providing a meal for the teacher is another way that you can celebrate them and all they do on World Teachers’ Day. One idea is to get together with other parents and plan a nice breakfast for the teachers. Teachers enjoy a nice meal out too. A nice gift card to a restaurant is a terrific idea that will allow them to go enjoy a nice dinner while relaxing. Teachers deal with a lot of stress, so a nice meal is always something that they will enjoy and appreciate.

Get an Entire Class Involved

If you have some time to plan ahead a bit, maybe you could get the entire class involved in World Teachers’ Day this year. If every child in the class does something, together they can create a great gift. One idea is to have every kid in the class bring in a flower, which will result in a huge bouquet for the teacher. This is an idea that is unique, special, and sure to make their day. Creating a fruit basket as a class is a wonderful option too. Getting together and creating buckets full of supplies that teachers use on a regular basis will be something that is well received as well.

These are just a few of the great ideas you and your children can use this week during Teachers appreciation week. Teachers deserve to have some recognition for all that they do. They should be made to feel valued and honored. Many teachers deal with things that we as parents shudder to think about – classrooms full of sniffling students, tightened budgets, buying their own supplies, and more. Take the time to let your child’s teachers know how important they are. Even if you just do something simple, no doubt it will make a difference and make their teachers feel like the work they do on a regular basis is worth all the effort they put out.

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