Unique Learning Adventures for Homeschoolers

While the peers of homeschooled children are tucked away in the “traditional” classroom setting, you and your children can be out engaging in activities in different areas of your community learning all sorts of new and exciting things. Here are some great unique learning activities...

a grocery store can be a great learning opportunityOne of the main advantages to teaching a child at home is the fact that you can use many different creative outlets in doing so. While your child’s peers are tucked away in the “traditional” classroom setting, you and your children can be out engaging in activities in different areas of your community learning all sorts of new and exciting things. Here, you will learn about unique learning adventures for homeschoolers that can be pursued by you and your family.


There are many exciting adventures that can be participated in when it comes to teaching your child math. One of the easiest and most effective learning adventures for homeschoolers is going to the grocery store with you. Of course, you can take your child other places to teach important math concepts as well. You could take a trip to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal, the toy store, or a local pet store to purchase supplies for your pet. The important thing is that the student is introduced to the concept of money. You may also want to integrate the fact that tax is charged on certain items, and the importance of making wise financial choices.


There are many unique learning adventures for homeschoolers when it comes to science. Teaching students about plant and animal life is extremely important. You could take a field trip to the local hospital, zoo, or even botanical gardens in your community. Many parents elect to take a walk with their child in a safe area, such as the park or the beach, to discover many different areas that could bring up important science topics. Going to an observatory or one of the centers hosted by NASA is also a great way to teach your homeschooled student about space, earth, and the atmosphere.

Social Studies

When teaching your student about important concepts and facts surrounding social studies, it is important to ensure that you cover topics like manners, rules, government, holidays, and more. This will ensure that your homeschooler has a well-rounded view on the world – which is really what social studies is all about. You may want to visit local government agencies in your community, encourage community volunteer work, and even study other cultures face to face in your community. Having your child organize a family trip using and creating maps and studying about the destinations are unique when it comes to teaching this particular subject.


If you are looking for unique learning adventures for homeschoolers, they are everywhere! You can take your child to the community library, join a reading club, and enjoy many exciting games and activities that are offered on the internet. English can be a highly technical subject, so, it is important to ensure that you keep it as fun and exciting as possible. You may want to get ideas from your local school system on the ways that they help teach English to their students. Reading and writing are two very important concepts that your child should indulge in on a regular basis.

Physical Education

There are many different unique learning adventures when it comes to teaching physical education. You should encourage your homeschooler to play with other children, involve them in community sporting events, and even play games with them that involve physical activity. You can go for a walk in the park, allow your child to visit the local swimming pool, or even play a simple game of tag with your child. You may elect to enroll your child in programs that encourage movement and expression, such as dance, karate, and similar types of programs.

The Arts

In order to increase the overall creativity of your child, it is important to take the time to focus on programs and other activities that encourage an appreciation for the arts. You may take them to a museum, sign them up for acting and/or ballet classes, encourage them to enter art contests, and even introduce them to important artistic terms and methods – such as shading, abstract, and other details. Children should gain an understanding and a basic appreciation of all types of different arts. It is important for their mental growth.


There are many different unique learning adventures that you and your homeschooler can pursue. As a parent who homeschools, I find that it is extremely beneficial to allow your child to take the time to explore the world around them. By doing so, I find that they retain information much more effectively than if we simply teach out of the “book”.

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