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Increasing Productivity in the Homeschool Classroom

As a homeschool parent, balancing the home, family, school, and my work all in one place is not easy. Here are various methods that may help you be more effective in increasing productivity in the homeschool classroom.

homeschool child and mom reading togetherAs a homeschool parent, I can assure you that balancing the home, family, school, and my work all in one place is not easy. If anything, it is extremely challenging. It often takes quite a bit of trial and error in order to discover methods that can help you maintain a high level of productivity in the homeschool classroom. Here, I will share with you various methods that I have found to be effective in increasing productivity in the homeschool classroom.

The first step to increasing productivity in the homeschool classroom is organization. Organization means absolutely everything when you must manage household responsibilities, lesson plans, family time, working from home, field trips, extracurricular activities and more! The first step in getting organized is to start with the home in general. If you are a homeschool educator, it is important to have as little clutter as possible in the home. There is no need to have more than is necessary.

The home will serve many purposes when educating children at home. It is a school, a home, shelter, a computer lab, a reading lab, a library, and in many cases, it is your office. It is very important to clear all clutter that is not necessary so that you can organize your home into various sections to meet the requirements of your children’s education, your family, and the home office that many stay at home parents integrates when they select to homeschool the kids.

Once you have eliminated any unnecessary clutter in the home, it is time to organize the home into areas where you will live, work, and educate. Many parents may elect to section off an area in a child’s room for their education. There are many that simply transition a dining room, or a screened in room into a makeshift classroom. There are many that have the luxury of having an additional bedroom that can be used to create a homeschool classroom.

Depending on the space that you have, if you work at home, you may consider creating a multipurpose room that combines the elements of your home office and the homeschool classroom. It is important to ensure that there is a place for everything and “everything in its place” as they say. You are responsible for maintaining a variety of roles when you homeschool your children. It is important that you understand that your home will take on many different roles as well.

Schedules are real important when it comes to educating your children at home, but what is even more important is the proper planning of the things that you must accomplish. I have found that it is much better to place preparation into lesson plans, projects, and similar activities than to worry about what times during the day they must be done, and delegating a certain amount of time to that activity.

When working in the homeschool classroom, you will generally have the flexibility to handle lessons that are outlined as you see fit. Many parents drive themselves crazy trying to fit lessons and activities in little time slots. There is no need to do this. All you really need to do to increase productivity in the homeschool classroom is to define your goals for the day, and then let the rest flow naturally. You will not become burdened with time frames, and other strict guidelines.

One of the main reasons that we homeschool our children is to enjoy the time that we can spend with them. If we hold ourselves to deadlines, time frames, and strict schedules, we will lose sight of what is important – the children. The time that we spend with them, the value of being family and enjoying what we can do together can be greatly affected by strict guidelines. Just get all your lesson plans together and go with the flow.

If you want to increase the productivity in the homeschool classroom, make sure you have all your lesson plans prepared ahead of time and organized. I find that I work best by getting everything together on Sunday. I print out the plans, and then place them in a binder that is designated to each of my students. Then, I separate the lessons by day using the page separators with tabs. This way, I do not lose time every day preparing the assignments. I just flip open the book and see what needs to be done. If I do not accomplish everything in one day, I simply take that assignment out and move it to the next day!

There are many things that you can do to increase productivity in the homeschool classroom. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, some careful planning, an organized home, and the ability to let go and enjoy your children. If you are able to manage these things, you are capable of handling just about anything that you are faced with!

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