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Great Government Websites for Kids

There are many great Government Website for Kids. During the summer months, you don't want kids to waste their brain power. Keeping kids involved in learning through the summer is important, and here are some great sites to help.

Climate Kids Educational WebsiteSummer is here. Kids are getting out of school and it’s time for barbecues, spending days pool side, and enjoying vacations. However, during the summer months, you don’t want kids to waste their brain power. Keeping kids involved in learning through the summer is important. The great news is that there are many great websites out there that are both fun and educational, and the government runs many of them. To keep your kids learning through the summer, here is a look at some of the great government websites that kids are sure to enjoy.

Climate Kids

Climate Kids is a government website that is all about climate change and it is a great way for your kids to learn more about protecting the environment. This site discusses what climate change is, what can be done to help, and even provides information on green careers. There are fun games as well that help kids learn even more while playing.

Fire Safety

It’s always a good idea to remind kids about fire safety, and the government fire safety page is a great reminder for kids. Fires often occur in the summer, but this site teaches kids about preventing fires from occurring. There is also great information on smoke alarms, planning a fire escape, and keeping your home safe from fires. Quizzes and games make learning about fire safety fun.

Future State

The Future State government website for kids is another one full of excellent information for kids. This is probably a site a bit more suited for older kids and it provides information on U.S. diplomacy and foreign affairs. The site talks about diplomacy and why it is so important, and even brings up a diplomat as an interesting career choice.

Stop Bullying Now

Bullying has been a big problem within the past few years, which is why the government Stop Bullying Now site was created. Kids need to know about bullying, why it is bad, and what they are able to do in order to stop it. The site has webisodes and games that teach kids about stopping bullying and about what they can do if they are being bullied.

Energy Star Kids

Another great government website for kids is Energy Star Kids. Your kids may know about earth day and something about saving the earth, but this site teaches a lot more about saving energy. Kids learn about important things they can do to help save the planet, with fun games and interesting information to make being an energy saver fun.

Kids in the House

Kids in the House is another of the sites that is best for tweens and teens. It teaches kids all about Congress and how it works. Information on members of the House is available, there is information about leadership offices and committees within the house as well. Kids can take a virtual field trip through the house, find out more about how bills end up becoming lawn, and a whole lot more.

Ready Kids

It is definitely important that kids are prepared for a disaster when it occurs or other types of emergencies. Ready Kids is a government website that helps kids come up with a plan with their family if an emergency occurs. Kids are taught about emergencies, fun activities teach them what to do if something bad happens, and it is a great site your whole family can use to come up with a plan in case an emergency or disaster occurs in your area.

VA Kids

During the late spring and summer months, several important holidays come around, like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. At VA Kids, kids are able to learn more about veterans of our country as well as about the Department of Veterans Affairs. There is important history about the flag, information on veterans, and games and activities, and ways to thank veterans – all things your kids definitely should be learning.

BAM! Body and Mind

Activity is important, especially during the summer months when kids often want to play on the computer or spend too much time watching TV. BAM! Body and Mind is a special government website that focuses on fitness and other health matters. Kids can ask questions about peer pressure, fitness, and disease. With interactive features, kids will learn more about making choices in life that are healthy for them.

Ocean Explorer

Most kids really love the ocean, and with the Ocean Explorer website, kids can learn about the ocean and even enjoy virtually exploring the ocean floor. Kids are able to see interesting series from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and can see great videos and podcasts about the ocean that are on YouTube as well.

Census for Kids

The Census for Kids website is a great way to let kids learn what the Census is all about, especially since this is a Census year. Kids can find information about their state, information on what information is collected, and there are fun word finds and even some coloring pages for younger kids.

NGA Kids

Another wonderful government website for kids is NGA Kids, which is a National Gallery of Art interactive websites. Kids can visit the special Art Zone, learn about works of art that are famous, and learn even more about art with games and activities that are available on this website. This wonderful site is sure to get kids more interested in wonderful art.

These are just a few of the best government websites for kids available, and of course, there are other government sites for kids you may want to check into as well. Remember, kids need to keep their brains active. Use these sites to allow your kids to learn and have fun.

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