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Creative Ways to Teach Your Child the Alphabet

There are many fun and creative ways to teach and help your child with learning the alphabet. If you would like to open new doors for your little learner, one of the best ways to start is by teaching them their ABC’s. Here are some tips that may help...

learning the alphabet with alphabet blocksThere are many fun and creative ways to teach your child the alphabet. It has been determined that learning the alphabet, as well as developing an awareness for phonics are the keys to success when it comes to successful readers. Successful readers have been found to be more academically inclined and successful in their studies, stable emotionally, and proactive when it comes to detail, and instructions. If you would like to open new doors for your little learner, one of the best ways to start is by teaching them their ABC’s. It is important to understand that young children are often motivated and learn more when they are taught in a playful and fun manner. If you keep that in mind, you are quite likely to experience rapid success in your endeavors.

Reading to Your Child

Reading to your child is one of the most favored methods of teaching children their alphabet. When reading, you should do so in a manner that is upbeat and profound. Be sure to stress syllables and other sounds thoroughly and in a fun tone for the child. When you read, the child will begin to see the letters that are hidden in all of those little words. Eventually, they will begin to understand that certain sounds are associated with certain words. Then, they will begin to break the words and recognize the individual letters due to their natural curiosity to determine how things work. Listed below are some other benefits that are associated with reading to your child:

  1. When you read to a child, they learn to actually listen to the words that you are speaking. They learn to concentrate on your words, the pictures, and will eventually start to see the words on the pages as a unique collaboration of letters. All those years of teaching them their ABC’s will quickly start to pay off.
  2. When reading to a child, you are playing a large role in the development of their language, speech, and emotional development. All of these components can play a vital role when it comes to reinforcing the alphabet.
  3. Reading allows a child to become motivated and excited by the possibility that they too will one day be able to read their favorite books. Motivation is a key element to success when it comes to the teaching of the alphabet. If you store up enough motivation now, there will be plenty to last while you teach your child the alphabet.

Tactile Learning

Tactile learning has been proven to be quite effective when it comes to teaching your child the alphabet. Tactile learning involves the use of all senses in order to learn a particular lesson. One of the best methods of this involves purchasing a few supplies. These supplies include:

  • 3 Inch Foam Letters
  • A Pack of Large Wiggly Eyes
  • Various Textures, such as jewels, stones, etc….
  • Essential Oils that small like various types of fruit

Now, what you want to do is to make what I like to call “ABC Friends”. Simple take your foam lettering and glue some wiggly eyes on them to make them appear as people appear. Then, you can glue other textures on the letters. This will allow the child to “feel” the letter. Then, you can take some fruit smelling essential oil and place a dot of it on the foam letter. Considering it is a porous surface, the smell will remain intact. As you teach your child the ABC’s, use the “ABC Friends”. You should allow them to touch the letters, smell them, and play with them. The child will have a better time understanding the uniqueness of each letter when you teach them in this manner.

Learning the Aphabet with Games

Finally, there are many distinct and creative ways to teach your child the alphabet. If you want to lay the foundation for solid learning and language development, the ideas presented here may prove to be very useful to you.

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